How To Grow Sunflowers


If you want to learn how to plant sunflower seeds, follow these easy step-by-step instructions on how to grow sunflowers and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful sunflowers in your garden thru the fall!

Step 1 – Buy Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seeds package

Your favorite nursery or retail store should have a nice selection of seed to purchase.

Sunflowers come in a range of colors and sizes now, so pick your favorite.

Don’t use bird seed or sunflower seeds from the grocery store packaged as a snack.

Read about sunflower types.

Step 2 – Choose Your Location

image of a garden sun

Choose a sunny location with ample room for larger type sunflowers to grow. Sunflowers require a minimum of 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. All day sun is best.

The soil in your location should drain well. Standing water is not good as is a place that does not get adequate rain, like directly next to your house under the eaves.

Step 3 – Gather Your Tools

image of shovel, hand trowel and watering can

You will need a hand trowel, water and possibly a shovel if you are planting in a large area.

(You don’t need the marigolds, they are just there to make the picture pretty!)

Step 4 – Prepare Soil to Plant Seeds

prepping soil for planting

Loosen the soil and break up or remove large clumps.

For maximum growing power, loosen the soil up to 2′ deep.

Step 5 – Make a Shallow Trench

shallow trench

Make a shallow trench with the tip of your hand trowel 1/2″ to 1″ deep.

Check your seed packet for the actual depth, as it varies from package to package.

Step 6 – Fill Trench With Water

water trench

Fill the trench with water and allow it to drain before you place the seeds.

Step 7 – Place Sunflower Seeds In Soil

placing sunflower seeds in soil

Place your sunflower seeds 3″ to 6″ apart, making sure they have good contact with the soil.

Step 8 – Cover Seeds

covering seeds

Cover your sunflower seeds with 1/2″ to 1″ of soil.

Check your seed packet for the actual depth, as it varies from package to package.

Step 9 – Tamp Soil

tamp soil

Lightly tamp the soil above your sunflower seeds to make sure the soil and the seeds are making contact.

Step 10 – Water Again

water again

Water the soil again. This helps remove air pockets around your sunflower seeds and ensures good contact with the soil.

Step 11 – Mark Your Row

mark row with plant marker

If you wish, mark your row with a plant maker so you don’t forget what you have planted.

Put the date on your marker, you’ll have an easy reminder of when the seeds were planted.

Sunflowers take approximately 5 to 14 days to sprout.

This how to grow sunflowers guide brought to you by a lover of sunflowers and gardening. Growing sunflowers will make you smile and since you can’t look at the sun, look at your sunflowers! Hope you grow great sunflowers!

sunflowers and watering cans

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